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steve krug box 16 assorted


Steve Krug Box Steve Krug is an active member of the Toronto photographic industry, and has worked with distinguished clients on a number of national brands and campaigns. His award-winning work ranges from conceptual advertising to food and lifestyle. Having traveled much of the world, Steve is constantly inspired by new design and a culinary passion. He lives in the West end with his wife and two boys. He's also a big home-made sourdough bread geek, and by far the tallest photographer in Toronto. 16 Assorted Macaron Steve Krug Collector's Box
  • -2 Salted Caramel
  • -2 Iranian Pistachio
  • -2 Vanilla
  • -2 Chocolate 70%
  • -2 Pistachio and Strawberry
  • -2 Matcha Green Tea and Raspberry
  • -Cappuccino
  • -Rose
  • -Cotton Candy
  • -Blueberry Vanilla