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Sopes and Tlacoyos with Guest Chef Erika Araujo- August 7th, 2024



Join Chef Erika Araujo in this interactive workshop where you will discover the delicious world of Mexican street food beyond just tacos. Learn how to make traditional sopes and tlacoyos, along with mouthwatering fillings and salsas that will elevate these dishes to a whole new level.

Sopes are a thick, fried corn masa base topped with a variety of ingredients such as black beans, cheese, lettuce, onions, and salsa verde. Tlacoyos, on the other hand, are oval-shaped corn masa pockets filled with beans, cheese, or other delicious fillings before being cooked to perfection.

During the workshop, you will master the art of making masa dough and shaping sopes and tlacoyos. You will also learn how to prepare refried beans, green tomatillo & jalapeno salsa, homemade chorizo, and nopales cactus salad to accompany your dishes.

Get ready to customize your own sopes and tlacoyos with an array of toppings and garnishes as you sit down to enjoy a Mexican street food feast. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring a taste of Mexico to your kitchen!

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Address: 780 Queen St W, Toronto - L'atelier Gourmand By Nadège

Come with an appetite: you’ll be tasting all throughout the class! The class doesn’t end when you leave Nadège’s: you take home and share with your loved ones your masterpieces… and all the recipes to recreate this moment over and over again. We’re generous with our time: schedule an additional 20 minutes at the end of the class to benefit from the Chefs answering all of your questions and to finish tasting all the products. Please note that most classes use products containing nuts, dairy, and other allergens. If you have any specific questions, please email us at

Classes are not refundable but exchangeable up to 7 days before each event. If we have less than 5 people in the workshop, it will be cancelled. You will be notified.