Nadège Nourian

Nadège Nourian is the chef and owner of Nadège Patisserie in Toronto, Canada. Since the opening of her eponymous shops in 2009, Nadège has delighted Torontonians with modern dessert creations. Showered with numerous accolades from critics, the press, and the blogosphere, Nadège is clearly viewed as a game changer in Toronto’s pastry scene. Born in Lyon, France, Nadège is a fourth generation pastry chef. Prior to opening her patisseries in Toronto, Nadège has worked along side MOF’s in patisseries in France and in world renowned and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Morgan McHugh

Growing up in a household filled with successful food enthusiasts – a father known for owning Yorkville’s famous Penny Farthing Café in the ’60s – it comes to no surprise that Torontonian Morgan McHugh inherited this passion. Morgan and Nadège met while living in London, England, aspirations to open a patisserie of their own lead them back to Toronto. Morgan’s OCAD background in Fine Arts and his extensive building experience played a key role in making NADÈGE what it is today.